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Stourhead House and Garden

Stourhead is a mansion comprising a historic mansion and extensive gardens. The palace dates from 1725 and was designed by the Scottish architect Colen Campbell. It was one of the first great Palladian villas in England. The adjacent gardens are full of winding paths leading along several classic temples, including Temple of Apollo or Temple of Flora. You can also see the Albert Tower measuring 50 m high and the nineteenth-century obelisk.

The Stourtons lived in Stourhead for 500 years, until they sold it to Sir Thomas Meres in 1714. Then the property became the property of Henry Hoare. The original mansion was demolished, and a modern and fashionable villa stood in its place. A collection of works of art and a large library are gathered here. In 1902, the house was destroyed in a fire, but most of the collections were saved, and the house was rebuilt according to the original design. The property has belonged to the National Trust since 1946.



Stourhead House and Garden map
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