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The second largest city in England is primarily a thriving industrial and commercial center. There are, among others, car production plants and the factory of the most famous British sweets, Cadbury. Thanks to the revitalization of the center at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, the city became attractive to tourists.

For the last 300 years, Birmingham has functioned almost exclusively as an industrial center. Almost completely historic buildings disappeared between factory halls and warehouses. Today, its remains, such as neo-Gothic churches, Victorian and Gregorian tenement houses and the town hall are carefully restored. In one of the alleys, workers' tenement houses were reconstructed, creating an open-air museum of Back-to-backs, where you can see what the life of the city's inhabitants looked like in the nineteenth century. exporting products from factories. Today, their banks are the seat of fashionable restaurants, pubs, clubs and shops, and on the canals you can sail boats exploring the city from a slightly different perspective.

Modern buildings also appeared in Birmingham between the old post-factory buildings. These are primarily shopping centers, which, unlike many other cities, were built with great attention to form. The most famous of them is the Bull Ring, part of which is composed of aluminum selfridges.

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