Bradgate Park

Bradgate is a national park with an area of approximately 850 ha. It covers the area of rocky hills, partly forested and covered with tall grass and ferns. Among the trees found here, many are several hundred years old. Many animal species live here, including herds of partially domesticated deer and fallow deer. The park also includes the ruins of a 16th-century Bradgate House castle and a tower called Old John.

Bradgate Park was founded probably in the thirteenth century and initially functioned as the so-called deer in the park. In the Middle Ages and during the Tudor dynasty, the park belonged to the influential Grey family. It was made available to visitors only in the nineteenth century, and then only partially and a few days a week. Currently, you can easily walk and cycle on it.



Bradgate Park map
Bradgate Park LE6 0HE Newtown Linford, United Kingdom