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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a rich collection of paintings and sculptures, ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, natural history, archeology, ethnography and collections documenting the history of the city and industry in Birmingham. In total, it has about 800,000 objects, and the showcase and the most valuable department of the museum is recognized as the best collection of pre-Raphaelite art in the world. We will also see here the world's oldest working steam engine from James Watt from 1778.

The huge collection is divided into many smaller sections, among which the largest in Britain collection of David Cox's drawings and paintings deserves special mention, sections of the Ancient and Middle East (7,000 items from the Neolithic period to the seventh century AD, including plaster plastered from Jericho skull, ivory from Nimrud and bronze from Luristan) and collections of artifacts from Ancient Egypt (8,000 exhibits, including everyday items, mummies, ceramics and ivory, stone vessels, jewelry and amulets). The World Culture department presents, among others a rich collection of weapons, a collection of African fabrics and Peruvian ceramics.

The museum also tells the rich history of the city through various exhibitions and collections, such as the numbering 100,000 pieces numismatic collection, showing the huge variety of coins in the 16th-21st centuries. The permanent exhibition presents the history of Birmingham from prehistoric times to the present day, based on 42,000 exhibits.



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