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The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

There are four greenhouses in Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Tropical, subtropical, Mediterranean and desert environments were reconstructed in them. A large lawn was created in front of the greenhouses, with a number of beds and shrubs. There are over 7,000 different plants in the gardens' collections, including the British National Bonsai Collection. There are two playgrounds for children - a traditional one and a garden where children can learn about plants through interactive play.

There are many valuable specimens in the gardens' collections. One of the oldest is the "Omiya tree", 250 years old. Also noteworthy are the two Himalayan cedars growing near the fountain. They were grown from seeds handed over to the gardens in 1840 by James Watt Junior. A unique plant that only occurs here is Dicksonia × lathamii fern. It is a hybrid between Dicksonia antarctica and Dicksonia arborescens, bred by former curator WB Latham over a hundred years ago.



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