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Kutná Hora is a city that in the past was called Czech treasuries. It was here in the Middle Ages that silver was mined and a Czech coin, Prague grosze was minted. Today, the historic splendor of the city is reminded by the UNESCO-listed historic center with the church of St. Barbara and the Italian Court.

The golden age of Kutna Hora was from the 13th to the 16th century. At that time, the local silver deposits were exploited, and the city, apart from the mines, also had mints. The most important of them was the royal mint in the building called the Italian Court. Today there are representative city halls, as well as exhibitions devoted to the production of Prague pennies and an exhibition about the secrets of the medieval city.

You can find out about the mining of silver in Kutna Hora by visiting the Czech Silver Museum. It is located partly at the Hradek castle and partly in the former mine of this precious ore. Another interesting, though completely different museum in Kutna Hora is the Tobacco Museum.

Its monuments testify to the wealth and importance of the city during the Middle Ages. The most famous of them is the late Gothic Temple of Saint Barbara. Its architect was the famous architect Johann Parler, who also worked at the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. The church Barbara's was erected partly from the contributions of miners working in Kutna Hora and was their main place of prayer. In turn, the townspeople gathered in the church located closer to the center. Jacob.

Interesting sights can also be found outside the center of Kutna Hora. In the Sedlec district there is the Gothic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It belonged to the oldest Cistercian abbey in the Czech Republic. Next to it is the world-famous Skull Chapel, in which there are remains of over 50 thousand. victims of the epidemic and the Hussite wars.

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