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Chapel of Skulls

Local name: Kostnice Sedlec

The interior of the cemetery church. All Saints in Kutna Hora, otherwise known as the Chapel of Skulls, was entirely made of bone. You can see crosses, inscriptions and altars from elements of the human skeleton. The huge chandelier and the Schwarzenberg family crest depicting a bird pecking Maur's head make a special impression on those entering it.

Bones of over 40,000 have been gathered here. These are the remains of victims of the plague epidemic that broke out in this area in the fourteenth century, as well as those killed during the Hussite wars and the Thirty Years' War.

Initially, the remains were in a nearby cemetery. This changed in the nineteenth century, when with the consent of the church authorities known at that time sculptor and carpenter František Rint created from them elements of the interior design of the church.


Attractions inside

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    Zámecká 284 03 Kutná Hora , Czechia