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Kacina Castle

Local name: Zámek Kačina

Kacina Castle is an Empire style building with a column portico and a round chapel covered with a dome. Today it is part of the National Museum of Agriculture. Some of the rooms have the original equipment. Here you can watch a great library, theater, ballroom and pharmacy. Collections of old agricultural tools and machinery are stored in basements and parts of the rooms.

The castle was built in the early 19th century by the Chotków family. They were well known patrons of art and culture. The empire style palace was built on a horseshoe plan, with the higher central part decorated with a column portico and colonnades on the wings. They were completed with classical theater and library buildings. About 40,000 old prints and manuscripts can be admired to this day.

There is a museum in the castle since the 1950s. In some rooms, period interiors have been preserved or restored. There is a living room, dining room and some representative rooms with classical furniture and musical instruments. The remaining rooms were intended for agricultural exhibitions and showing the lives of village residents. You can also learn about the history of the palace and how it functioned in the nineteenth century.


Attractions inside

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