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Castle Žleby

Local name: Zámek Žleby

The beautiful Žleby Castle is located in central Bohemia. Tourists can visit luxurious chambers, a theater with original backstage, stage and preserved costumes, observation tower, kitchen and armory with one of the largest arms collections in Europe, as well as an underground cellar labyrinth. It is worth paying attention to leather wallpapers, documents from different periods, collections of artistic objects and wonderful furniture.

Tourists visiting the palace also have the opportunity to enter the Velké Věže lookout tower, from which there is a beautiful view of the surroundings. It is also worth visiting the English-style park through which the Doubrava river flows and look into the barn with the mini Zoo, where you can admire the popular white deer.

The castle was built around 1289 by Jindřich of Lichtenburk in the Gothic style. In the nineteenth century, somewhat eccentric Count Vincent Karel Auersperg inspired by the tradition of old England transformed it into a knight's seat modeled on W. Scott's novels.


Attractions inside

    Castle Žleby map
    Zámecká 1285 61 Žleby , Czechia