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Stone fountain

Local name: Kamenná kašna

The Stone Fountain is considered one of the most valuable monuments of engineering art in the Czech Republic. Built in the fifteenth century, the twelve-sided tank is decorated with Gothic decorations.

In the Middle Ages, intensive mining work near Kutna Hora caused a change in water relations and drying out of local sources. It was then decided to bring water to the city from the source of Saint Adalbert, a few kilometers away, in the village of Belany. The water supplied by pipes went to the tank, which was called the fountain.

It was built in the years 1493-1495. As the architect, the co-creator of the monumental church of Saint Barbara, Maciej Rejsek, is often mentioned. In the past, the building was decorated with statues of saints. It also had a roof. Today, only late-Gothic arches that imitate windows and high pinnacles in the corners are left with the decorations. The tanker was used until 1890.


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    Husova 284 01 Kutná Hora , Czechia