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Coventry is a large, industrial city, the characteristic building of which is the Cathedral of St. Michael. There are also some interesting museums in the city.

The city was founded in the mid-11th century and quickly developed into one of the most important weaving centers in central England. Fabrics produced in Coventry were exported to countries all over Europe, where they were considered luxurious and a very desirable commodity.

The second golden age of Coventry began during the Industrial Revolution. One of the most important industrial centers in central England was located here at that time. In addition to the traditional production of tannins and yarns, the machine industry has also developed. It was here that the first car in Great Britain was produced. The Coventry Transport Museum refers to these traditions.

As an important industrial center, Coventry was the target of several German air strikes during World War II. As a result, the city was practically razed to the ground. Therefore, there are almost no monuments here at present. Coventry's biggest attraction is the ruins of a medieval cathedral left in memory. A modern, modernist building of the new cathedral was built next to its walls in the mid-20th century.

In addition to the Transport Museum, Coventry also boasts the Herbert Gallery, which showcases handicrafts and works by English artists. The Midland Aviation Museum is also very popular, and an interesting place to spend free time is Fargo Village - a district of small shops, craft workshops and pubs created in the place of former workers' housing estates.

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