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Balearic Islands is a region consisting of more than 200 islands and islets located in the Mediterranean Sea. The most famous of them are Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza, where the main part of tourist traffic is concentrated.

Majorca is often called a holiday paradise. Suitable conditions for sunbathing and sea bathing prevail here for most of the year. About 300 sunny days a year allows you to plan your vacation without undue risk of bad weather. The capital of the island and the whole region is the historic Palma de Mallorca, with the magnificent Gothic cathedral of Le Seu, numerous gardens and parks, and the shady pedestrian street of Calle de Can Cifre.

Ibiza is the capital of party madness. Since the 1960s, when hippies began to come here, the island attracts mainly young people. In addition to beaches, its main attractions are music clubs, discos, city and beach bars. In recent years, the region's authorities are increasingly leaning towards reducing this form of tourism, because it is very burdensome for the inhabitants, and newcomers often destroy the local resorts.

The complete opposite of Ibiza is Menorca, an island that is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Only 145 thousand can visit it annually. people and these limits are respected. Menorca is wild beaches, the mountainous interior of the island with numerous caves, small, picturesque towns and an intimate atmosphere and peace, some of which vacationers are looking so hard for.

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