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Castle of Capdepera

Local name: Castell de Capdepera

Capdepera Castle was built in the fourteenth century by order of King Majorca James II. The object has the status of a national monument. The monumental fortress was built on the ruins of a Muslim village and was in practice a walled settlement. It housed nearly 150 houses. The showcase of the fortress are: the phenomenal gothic chapel of Virgen de la Esperanza and the mighty tower La Torre de Miquel Nunis.

The castle of Capdepera houses the well-preserved governor's house, which is the seat of the Museu de la Llata. This small museum is devoted to the art of weaving palm leaves. This traditional craft has survived to this day only in two of Majorca's cities.

The fortress played an important role during the conquest of Menorca. King Jakub I the Conqueror ordered to light large bonfires throughout the settlement. They were to simulate the presence of a powerful army ready for invasion. The tactical procedure discouraged the Arab leader from direct attack and forced him to pay homage to the King of Aragon.


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