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Palma Cathedral

Local name: Catedral de Mallorca

The Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma is more widely known under the name Catedral de Mallorca. The church is huge and its construction is characterized by many decorative elements, where the interiors are full of splendor.

Visitors can see numerous stained glass windows, the main altar, rosettes, side altars, paintings, sculptures and sarcophagi of the kings of Majorca. The cathedral building also houses the Museu de la Catedral presenting collections related to the history of the temple.

The current building was built on the basis of a former Muslim mosque. Construction works began in the thirteenth century on the orders of King James I, but they were completed only at the beginning of the seventeenth century.

The cathedral is an example of the Gothic style characteristic of the region of Catalonia, but with many influences from the architecture of Northern Europe.

Palma Cathedral map
Palma Cathedral
Palma Cathedral
Plaça de la Seu s/n07001 Palma de Mallorca , Spain