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Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

Local name: Sant Salvador

Sanctuary de Sant Salvador was founded in the first half XIV century and is located on the highest hill of Serra de Llevant. The property is the oldest monastery center in Majorca and a popular pilgrimage destination. The interior of the sanctuary is decorated with an altar carved in Alabaster. The heart of the building is a side chapel full of touching souvenirs and hand-written prayers to the Mother of God. The terrace offers a wonderful view of the Cap de Formentor.

The hermitage was built during the reign of the island of Black Death. The location of the monastery on a hill over 500 m above sea level allowed monks to avoid an epidemic. The last monk left the sanctuary in 1992. Currently, the building has several simple rooms available for pilgrims and guests.

In addition to the sanctuary on the hill there is a phenomenal stone cross with a height of nearly 14 meters and a monumental column ending with the figure of Christ the King.


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