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Genoa, lying on the Ligurian Sea, looks like a cascade flowing down the coast from the slopes of the mountains. At their foot is one of the largest Italian ports, above which extends the old town and the street built with palaces Via Garibaldi and new housing estates. The city has been connected with the sea from its beginnings. Christopher Columbus came from here, and at the end of the 20th century a huge sea aquarium was built here.

Genoa was founded in Roman times, but developed into an important commercial and port center only in the Middle Ages. She was one of the Italian republics and competed fiercely with Venice for primacy in the seas and in Mediterranean trade. Marco Polo was held here during one of the wars. The most famous inhabitant of the city is the explorer Christopher Columbus to this day. In the Old Town you can visit his reconstructed house, in which sailor's souvenirs, maps, navigational instruments and period furniture were placed.

The waterfront in Genoa is occupied by the port. It consists of a new and historic part, which was renovated at the end of the 20th century. Devastated docks, shipyards and warehouses have replaced one of the largest European aquariums, the Maritime Museum, Il Bigo with a viewing elevator, and numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. A reconstructed galleon Neptun is moored at the port, which appeared in Roman Polanski's film "Pirates".

Above the port, you can successfully get lost in the narrow and winding streets of the Old Town, as well as visit the Renaissance and Baroque palaces filled with works of art. Parks and recreation areas are located on the hills, where you can reach the cable car.

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