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Lower Saxony is a region in northwestern Germany. It stretches from the sea coast to the low and gentle Harz Mountains. Its capital is Hannover, a city known primarily as the center of international fairs.

The northern part of the region is the coast of the North and Wadden Sea, on which the East Frisian Islands are located. On the entire length of the shore you can use sandy beaches, and in many places above them rise steep cliffs or dunes.

The Hesse coast is known for its high tides and ebb as well as the nesting place for numerous species of sea birds that can be observed.

The Lower Saxony area is a great place for active tourism. About 13 thousand were marked out here. km of bicycle routes from the coast to the Harz. Mountains are also ideal areas for hiking. Overgrown with forests, reaching at the highest point, on the Brocken summit, 1,142 m above sea level, offer trails among greenery.

Floatable rivers and canals flow through the region, with over 6,500 marked out. km of water routes for boating or kayaking. There are also numerous golf courses and horse-riding routes throughout Lower Saxony.

The region's largest city, Hannover is known for its Old Town rebuilt after World War II, and thousands of tourists and businessmen visit it because of the international trade fairs in various fields. In winter, the city attracts with a large Christmas market.

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