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Wolfsburg is a city associated primarily as the headquarters of the Volkswagen concern. And it is the automotive industry that is associated with its greatest attractions, including the modern Car City.

Although Wolfsburg already existed in the Middle Ages, it began to change into a significant center only in the interwar period. Then the authorities of the Third Reich decided to build a Volkswagen car factory here. It was in Wolfsburg that the famous Beetle was produced, which in the second half of the 20th century became a cult car all over the world.

The highlight of Wolfsburg is the Car City. It is a huge entertainment and educational complex with green areas, where visitors can learn about the history and the present of the concern and its brands, including Skoda, Lamborghini, Audi and Bentley.

In addition to the Car City in Wolfsburg, there is also the Volkswagen Museum, which presents models of cars produced in the factory from the beginning of its existence. Another very popular attraction is Phaeno Wolfsburg, a modern science and technology center with interactive experimental stations.

Although the main attractions of Wolfsburg are related to technology and cars, you can also find historical monuments here. These are mainly two castles, the 14th century Wolfburg Castle, which today serves as a cultural center, and the Neuhaus Castle surrounded by a garden. Art lovers are attracted by the Wolfsburg Art Museum, and nature and astronomy enthusiasts can visit the Wolfsburg Planetarium.

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