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Braunschweig is a city that for centuries was the seat of the princely Welf family. It was thanks to them that it belonged to the most important centers of Germany, and today it boasts magnificent medieval buildings and large art collections.

The beginnings of Brunswick date back to the ninth century, when Brunon II founded the settlement. Over the next centuries, it gained in importance, and the peak of its medieval development fell on the 12th century and the rule of Henry the Lion. It is from this period that the Dankwarderode Castle, which was later rebuilt many times, now houses the collection of medieval art. Museum of Prince Anton Ulrich.

In the Middle Ages, despite its remoteness from the sea, Brunswick belonged to the Hanseatic League and was one of Germany's most important shopping centers. The testimony of those times is, among others Romanesque, expanded in the Gothic style Braunschweig Cathedral, in which the tomb of Henry the Lion, skeletal houses and the historic complex of the Old Town with the town hall, gothic dresses, the church of St. Marcin's and many tenement houses. Many of them have Gothic walls, and facades rebuilt in Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Thanks to its rich past and the patronage of Welfs, which lasted until the 19th century, the city has a rich collection of art. The most important of them is the Museum of Prince Anton Ulrich housed in several buildings throughout the city. The City Museum has a rich collection of Brunswick's past, while the botanical and zoological collection can be seen at the State Museum of Natural History.

The contemporary attractions of the city include Happy Rizzi House, designed by James Rizzi using 3D multiplied technique. The local ZOO and Botanical Garden are also very popular.

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