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Occitania is a region created in 2016 and combining former Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees. It is a land with a diverse landscape, leaning on the slopes of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean coast. Its capital is Toulouse and tourist traffic is also concentrated around Monpellier.

The region is still outside the main tourist routes of France and, unlike neighboring Provence, is primarily a place of family recreation for the French. Thanks to the diverse natural conditions, you can relax here by the sea, visit interesting monuments, and practice active tourism.

The capital of the region is Toulouse associated with the aviation and space industries. There is a science center dedicated to space, Cite de l'espace, and in the center a large part of the building dating back to the medieval times has been preserved.

The other important center is located on the coast of Montpellier. In his neighborhood extends the land called Camargue. It consists of coastal lakes and lagoons, sandy beaches and low dunes. Sea salt has been mined here for centuries, and nowadays the area is also famous for horse breeding.

In the north of Montpellier, there are mountainous areas with the UNESCO-listed Cévennes National Park. There is also the famous Cirque de Navacelles rock formation, reminiscent of a circus arena surrounded by mountain slopes.

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