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Old Bridge

Local name: Pont Vieux

The Pont Vieux is a medieval stone and brick bridge over the river Tarn in the town of Albi. It is located in the Old Town, entered in 2010 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It also has the status of a national monument. Currently, it is 150 m long.

The first bridge was built in this place in the years 1035-1042, the oldest elements preserved until today come from the 18th century. In the Middle Ages, he contributed to the development of trade, and thus the city itself. At that time, it was protected by a fortified tower, which, however, has not survived to this day.

In the 16th century, the bridge was much wider, and the road that ran through it was surrounded by half-timbered houses. They belonged to the families of local craftsmen - tanners, shoemakers, weavers and traders. The buildings were demolished after the great flood in 1766, and the bridge itself was thoroughly rebuilt.


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    Pont Vieux 81000 Albi , France