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Gorges of Galamus

Local name: Gorges De Galamus

The Galamus Gorge is a limestone throat carved in the limestone rocks of the Corbières massif in the Pyrenees by the waters of the Agly River. It is currently one of the main areas of raffting and mountain kayaking in the region. A road accessible to pedestrians is also located along the gorge.

The gorge is about 10 kilometers long. The river that created it created a system of small waterfalls and pools here. During sunny weather, the water in them takes on an intense blue shade. It gives amazing effects for which thousands of tourists come here.

The gorge can be overcome by kayak, foot or bicycle. The road is closed to motor vehicles during the season. Tourist buses leave the car parks at the ends of the ravine, taking tourists along a different route to cars left behind during the walk.


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    Gorges of Galamus map
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