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Montpellier is located in the south of France, about 10 km from the coast and coastal beaches. It is a well-known university and scientific center with a charming, though small, old town with the Gothic cathedral of St. Peter.

Montpellier was founded in the 7th century and is one of the few cities in southern France that has no Roman roots. Its flourishing began in the eleventh century, when it became an important stop on trade routes and on the pilgrimage road to Santiago de Compostella. In the buildings of the old town, you can see above all the two-tower facade of the cathedral with an open vestibule supported by two round towers.

The focal point of Montpellier is the Square de la Comedie with the Fountain of the Three Graces. This is one of the main meeting places for students, with over 70,000 in the city. Around the square there are popular restaurants, cafes and bars, and a vegetable market operates nearby in the ruins of the aqueduct.

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