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Arena of Nîmes

Local name: Arènes de Nîmes

The Roman Amphitheater in Nimes was built at the end of the 1st century AD. It belongs to the best preserved ancient arenas in the world. It is a two-storey building, in the shape of an elongated circle. Currently it is open to the public. Numerous cultural events are also held here.

The theater measures 133 by 101 meters. At the peak of its activity, it could accommodate over 20,000 spectators. After the fall of the Empire and the occupation of these lands by the Visigoths, the building served as a fortress, and in the Middle Ages houses for the poor were built in the arena. Until the nineteenth century, about 2,000 people lived here.

The amphitheater consists of two floors of arcades with semicircular arches. Above them in the past a decorative attic was rising. Today, small fragments remain.


Attractions inside

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    Boulevard des Arènes 30000 Nîmes , France