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Roman Temple

Local name: Maison Carrée

Maison Carrée is an ancient Roman temple built in the first century. In 1840, the building was declared a historical monument. Visitors can admire, among others portico with colonnade and entablature in the Corinthian order and the entrance to the temple called the Pronaos ceiling from the 18th century. A film about the history of the city of Nîmes is shown inside the building.

The temple was dedicated to the sons of Marek Agrippa, who were the sewn-in grandchildren of the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus - Lucius and Gaius. For centuries, the temple served as a consular house, a private residence, a stable, a church, as well as the seat of the first prefecture of the Gard region.

The temple is considered to be the greatest monument of antiquity and has been a source of inspiration for architects looking for classic patterns since the Renaissance.


Attractions inside

    Roman Temple map
    Place de la Maison Carrée 30000 Nîmes , France