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Nimes is on the border between Provence and Languedoc. The city was founded in Roman times and its most important monuments date from this period. As it was centuries ago, it is today a center for the production and trade of wine and food products, as well as a place which denim jeans or denim took from.

Nimes was a Roman colony on the Via Domitia trade route, which connected Italy with Spain. It flourished in the 2nd century AD. With time, when the city became part of the Frankish kingdom, it retained its commercial character. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the basis of his economy was textile production. It was here that strong, blue material was invented, which we know today as jeans, and was also called denim from the city name. Nimes is also now an important tourist center.

The central place in Nimes is the Roman oval amphitheater. This is one of the best preserved buildings in the south of France. Performances as well as corrides take place in the arena to this day. A reminder of Roman times is also La Maison Carrée or the temple of Gaius and Lucius Caesar. Currently inside it, behind the colonnade, there is a cinema room in which a film about the history of Nimes is screened.

Nearby you can also see the ruins of the temple of Diana, the Roman observation tower, the remains of the aqueduct and the city walls with gates. The streets of Nimes are filled mainly with buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. Between it you can see a Romanesque cathedral rebuilt several times and a 15th century Zagar tower.

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