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Papal Palace

Local name: Palais des Papes

The palace was built in the fourteenth century as a papal residence during the Avignon captivity and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1995. The headquarters with an area of 15 ha is the largest Gothic castle in Europe and you can see in it, among others the papal bedroom, the Audience Hall, the Consistory Hall, the Papal Library with its unique collection, the chapel of St. Marcjala and Deer Room. The enormity of rooms and exhibits means that visiting the entire complex takes at least a day.

The residence consists of two buildings: the Old Palace, which was built by Pope Benedict XII characterized by a raw and economical style, and the New Palace built by his successor Clement VI, whose passion for wealth and art is clearly marked in the architecture of the later building.

In the Deer Room you can admire frescoes depicting court hunting rituals and this is the only room in the whole palace devoted to secular issues.


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