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Avignon Bridge

Local name: Pont d'Avignon

Saint Benedict Bridge is the symbol of Avignon. It is a Romanesque stone building connecting the banks of the Rhone in the past. Only four of the original 22 spans have survived to this day. The bridge has a small Romanesque chapel with a bell tower above the entrance.

The beginnings of the bridge are lost in the darkness of history. According to legend, it was to be built after the revelation experienced by shepherd Benedict. God told him to build a bridge in it, and the bishop convinced of the extraterrestrial nature of the vision by raising a rock from the earth, which needed more than 30 people to lift.

The bridge was probably built in the years 1171-1180. It was built of stone in a Provencal version of Romanism. The building was destroyed several times during hostilities and during floods. After the flood of 1668, it was decided not to rebuild it. The bridge quickly became a symbol of Avignon. He is present in literature and the famous song "Sur le pont d'Avignon", translated into many languages.


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    Avignon Bridge map
    Boulevard de la Ligne 84000 Avignon , France