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Castle of Les Baux de Provence

Local name: Château des Baux de Provence

Baux Castle is the ruins of a medieval fortress in the Alpilles mountains in Provence. To this day, part of the defensive walls, chapels of Saint Catherine, as well as corridors and chambers drilled in the rocks have survived. In the castle courtyard replicas of medieval siege machines are presented.

The castle was erected in the 10th century, but during archaeological research traces of settlement dating back to the Iron Age were discovered. It was a strategically located fortress, as well as a local cultural center, to which numerous troubadours, minstrels and traveling troupe of actors came. Its fall began in the 15th century. Destroyed several times during rebellions and wars, it was finally pulled down during the time of Louis XIII. Only the tower and fragments of walls with the chapel have survived.

Due to its location, part of the Baux castle was carved in rock. This part has survived to our times. You can see the remains of doors and windows as well as chimney flues. On one of the rock walls is carved the figure of St. George fighting the dragon. The 15-minute film "Provence from a bird's eye view" is presented in the castle chapel.


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