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Montpellier Zoo

Local name: Parc Zoologique de Montpellier

The Montpellier Zoological Garden is also called by the residents of Lunaret Park, Lunaret Zoo or Darwin Park. About 80 animals representing 141 species are bred on an area of 80 ha. Includes educational farm, nature reserve and Amazon greenhouse.

The Montpellier Zoological Garden was founded in 1964. He is a permanent member of the European Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums since 1997. He deals with ex situ conservation, participating in European programs on endangered species - EEP, whose ultimate goal is to restore species in their natural environment.

Among the species one can find here, among others antelope, arabian oryx, kudu small, gazelle, mountain nahura, dromedary camel, zebra, caracal, lion, macaque, gibbon, european otter, lamur, brown bear, white rhinoceros, rothschild giraffe, tapir, ostrich, emu, blue cassowary and many others.


Attractions inside

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    Avenue Agropolis 5034090 Montpellier , France