#1  Padirac
#55  France

Padirac Cave

Local name: Gouffre de Padirac

Karst phenomenon The Padirac Chasm lies among the Jurassic limestone rocks in the French Central Massif, on the Causses du Quercy plateau. It is a geological formation with a diameter of 35 m, constituting an erosive entrance to a natural underground cavity. At the bottom of this chasm, at a depth of 103 m, an underground river with a length of over 40 km flows.

Édouard-Alfred Martel was the first to explore this cave with the support of a local parish. Interesting facts about this place should be mentioned that the Padirac Chasm provided shelter for local residents during the Hundred Years' War and during religious wars, and salt was mined here in the 16th century.

There is a legend associated with this place. It says that Saint Peter, being in this area, walked in muddy areas, seeking souls to save him from eternal damnation. Suddenly Satan appeared and offered him a bet on the souls they find in hell. The devil lost the bet, furiously hit the ground and in this way the door to the underground was created.



Le Gouffre 46500 Padirac, France