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Pec pod Sněžkou is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Czech Giant Mountains. It is located under the slopes of Śnieżka and is a very good starting point to the highest Czech peak.

Pec was created after World War II by separating from the town of Velká Úpa the part lying in the valley of the Upa and Zielony Potok streams. Currently, only 600 permanent residents live here, while the rest of the buildings are pensions, hotels and apartments for rent. There is also a historic 18th century inn and a late baroque church of the Holy Trinity.

In Pec there is the lower station of the gondola lift to Śnieżka, which tourists use in both winter and summer. The Javor - Zahrádky - Bramberk ski station with several kilometers of ski slopes operates on the nearby slopes. In summer, hiking also flourishes and the surrounding trails can be reached both on Śnieżka and Spindleruv Mlyn or other parts of the Giant Mountains.

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