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Kovarna Mine

Local name: Důl Kovárna

The Kovarna Mine is located on the slopes of Śnieżka. About 7 kilometers of corridors have been hollowed out in the massif since the Middle Ages. About 500 meters are currently available for tourists on two routes. During the tour, you can see replicas of old mining machines and excavations from which metal ores were extracted.

Since the Middle Ages, the Giant Mountains have been a place of searching for metal ores and precious stones. In the 15th century, the first corridors were carved in the slopes of Śnieżka. Miners were looking for gold, silver, copper as well as amethysts and emeralds. Dangerous work was associated with many accidents and landslides of underground pavements. The last mining period in the mine took place years after World War II. It was then that most of the deepest corridors were built.

Currently, part of the mine is intended for sightseeing. Secured pavements create two routes - tourist, accessible to everyone and extreme, which must be visited with the appropriate equipment. The tour takes place with a guide who tells about the history of local mining.


Attractions inside

    Kovarna Mine map
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