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Leicester is England's large industrial center and is also one of the oldest cities in the country. Today, its center is a mixture of buildings from the industrial revolution and much older, often medieval buildings.

In Roman times, there was a military garrison and the settlement of Ratae Corieltauvorum in the place of today's city. Its remnant is the Jewry wall, which was part of the Roman baths. Right next to it, there is the later Gothic Church of St. Nicholas.

The modern history of Leicester begins with the Viking raids. From the 9th century, there was a stronghold here, which later turned into a town. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the main centers of wool and leather trade. The most impressive building in the city, the Cathedral of St. Martin, the construction of which began in the 11th century. In the western part of the center you can see the ruins of a castle built by the Normans. Currently, they are woven into the later buildings.

The very center of Leicester is a monumental building from Victorian times. The attraction is the covered streets that make up the shopping arcades that cover much of the downtown area. You can still see the original metal structures from the 19th century and beautiful stained glass windows.

The modern attraction of Leicester is the National Space Center. It is an interactive science center dedicated to astronomy and the conquest of space. Inside there are, among others Blue Streak rocket model and PGM-17 Thor.

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