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Limburg is the southeastern province of the Netherlands, sandwiched between the borders of Germany and Belgium. Unlike the rest of the country, it is hilly. The capital of the region is the historic city of Maastricht.

Maastricht is primarily associated with the signing of the Treaty on the Establishment of the European Union. It is a historic center with Gothic and Renaissance tenement houses along the cobblestone streets in the Old Town.

South of Maastricht is the point where the borders of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet, Drielandenpunt. It is also the highest place in the whole country.

Limburg is a great place for active tourism. The hilly terrain and the dense network of trails make it possible to meet many people who go hiking and cycling.

The area is also known for numerous castles such as Hoensbroek, Jansgeleen, Arcen, Valkenburg and Eijsden. Some of them have been preserved with full equipment, others are only picturesque ruins today.

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    Velvet cave

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