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Coal mine Valkenburg

Local name: Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg

Steenkolenmijn was founded in 1917, currently the only surviving coal mine in the Netherlands. After mining, the mine was secured unchanged. Mine machines maintained in good technical condition are now museum attractions. The mine was adapted to the needs of people with mobility disabilities.

The tour starts with the screening of a documentary film, from which tourists learn what work in a real mine looked like. They will also learn the specifics of the miner's profession and the history of coal mining in the Netherlands. The next stage is visiting the mine, combined with a presentation of the work of authentic mining machines.

An interesting and additional attraction is the fact that the guides in the mine-museum are former miners, who know perfectly well not only the mine, working conditions, machine service, but also a lot of anecdotes and dramatic stories associated with work underground. Each tour is different, because each guide shares his experience with visitors.


Attractions inside

    Coal mine Valkenburg map
    Daalhemerweg 316301 BJ Valkenburg aan de Geul , Netherlands