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Hoensbroek Castle

Local name: Kasteel Hoensbroek

Kasteel Hoensbroek is the largest fortress between the rivers Meuse and Rhine. The first defensive structure existed in this place as early as 1225. The oldest part of the present castle (round high tower) was built around 1360. In the following centuries the fortress was successively expanded. Currently, the castle has over 60 rooms, rooms and utility rooms that are open to the public.

The interiors of the castle are fully equipped - furniture, paintings, sculptures and numerous everyday objects come from the time of long exploitation of the castle over the centuries from XV to XVIII. Many halls are arranged in the form of complete dioramas that use life-size mannequins in period costumes. Visitors can see what life was like in the castle in the Middle Ages and later - from the perspective of the owners as well as the numerous servants.

Kasteel Hoensbroek is a place of numerous cultural events, including popular medieval picnics, held with the participation of modern knightly brotherhoods.


Attractions inside

    Hoensbroek Castle map
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