Saint John's Church

Local name: Sint-Janskerk

Sint Janskerk is a Gothic church in the historical center of Maastricht. It is a Protestant temple and together with the Roman Catholic building on Vrijthof Square form unique for the Netherlands "twin churches" dedicated to the same patron: Saint John the Baptist.

The first mention of the temple comes from 1218, while the current Sint Janskerk was founded in the fourteenth / fifteenth century and was one of the four parish churches in medieval Maastricht. A characteristic element of the church is the tower, 79 meters high, painted red, which dates back to the 15th century. Inside, we can see a historic 15th-century wooden bell with a clock.

Sint Janskerk is not only the center of Protestantism in Maastricht, but also an art center. Regular concerts take place at the church, including the most famous annual Musica Sacra religious music festival.



Saint John's Church map
Vrijthof 246211 LD Maastricht, Netherlands