Printing Museum

Local name: Drukkunstmuseum

Dinghuis is the name of a medieval court building located on Kleine Staat in the center of Maastricht. It was built around 1470 in the Gothic style. Since then, the building has had many different functions, and today it houses a tourist office. Dinghuis was inscribed on the list of Dutch monuments.

The first mention of the court on Kleine Staat street dates back to 1399, while the current building is the result of work that began in 1470. A characteristic element of Dinghuis is the 30-meter high roof, which once served as a watchtower - it was the perfect viewpoint for the city to catch any threats. The cellars housed prison cells and after the construction of the town hall on the market square Dinghuis served as a prison. The building was later used as a puppet theater, student club, museum etc. In 1974, the building was restored and has been used by a Dutch tourist organization.


Attractions inside

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    Jodenstraat 226211 ER Maastricht , Netherlands