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Castle garden Oud-Valkenburg

Local name: Kasteeltuin Oud-Valkenburg

Garden at the castle of Schaloen in Oud-Valkenburg. It has cultural-historical and landscape-visual value, and also holds the status of a Dutch national monument. The IVN association has created a wild botanical garden in the area open to visitors, in which we will find typical Dutch plants, flowers and herbs.

Family events such as creating wooden sculptures and making typical Dutch vlaai sweets are often organized here. We can visit the garden alone or with a guide who will tell us stories about the castle and the adjacent green areas, filled with interesting fauna and flora. Along the route you will find orchards, vegetable and herb gardens, a historic water mill, birdhouses, an apiary, meadows, arable fields, a water culture observation point. The entrance to the garden is near the castle entrance - here you will also find a map of the garden.



Castle garden Oud-Valkenburg map
Oud Valkenburg 16305 AA Valkenburg aan de Geul, Netherlands