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Lázně Libverda is a small spa town in the Jizera Mountains, situated at the foot of Mount Smrek. There are mineral springs here known since the 16th century and used in treatments related to heart diseases.

The town was founded in the 16th century and the first mineral springs were discovered here already then. They were initially used only by the local population, but with time they were thoroughly examined and in the 18th century, a thriving, though not too much treatment center began to operate here.

To this day, the spa has retained its intimate character, with nice, historic buildings, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. In recent years, a lot of new guesthouses have also been built, which are intended both for patients and people looking for a base for hiking in the surrounding mountains.

The most famous peak in the area is Smerk 1124 m above sea level, which can be reached via the trail from Nový Mest pod Smrek. On its top there is an observation tower on Smrek. Due to its border location, you can also visit it from the Polish Czerniawa Zdrój.

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