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Lookout Tower on Smrk

Local name: Rozhledna Smrk

Located inside: Smrk 1124 m

The lookout tower on Smerek is located on the top of Smrek (1124 meters above sea level). The tower is 20 meters high and is one of the newest constructions of this type in the Sudetes.

The first wooden tower on Smrek Mountain was opened on August 21, 1892. A small wooden hut was erected next to the tower, in which meals were sold to tourists. It also served as an apartment for the tower's guardian. In 1932, the Baudeauf der Tafelfichte shelter was built in its place.

After the end of World War II, the Porsche family who looked after the tower left for Germany. The shelter was devastated and then burned down. The abandoned and unrepaired tower fell into ruin, and in the 1960s it collapsed.

It wasn't until 1992 that the idea of rebuilding the building appeared. The construction of the new facility began in 2001 according to the design of the architect Jan Duda. Two years later the tower was put into public use.


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