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Castle Frýdlant

Local name: Zámek Frýdlant

Frýdlant Castle is a gothic defensive fortress, rebuilt and renovated during the Renaissance. It belongs to the largest castles in the Czech Republic. Already in 1800 the first castle museum was opened here in Central Europe. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Thirty Years War and the person of Albrecht of Valdstein - one of the fortress owners.

An exhibition of pipes was opened in the castle in 1995. However, as part of the exhibition "Arsenal" you can admire over 1000 pieces of hunting and military weapons. The tour also includes a knights' hall, uniforms of service, and the castle chapel dedicated to Saint. Anna and the rooms, as well as the kitchen with a still active oven and copper and tin dishes.

Frýdlant Castle is one of the most visited monuments in the Czech Republic. It was built in the mid-thirteenth century on a rocky hill above the Smědou River. The current appearance of the stronghold is due to Albrecht of Valdstein, who bought and rebuilt it in the mid-sixteenth century.


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