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Jakuszyce Glade

Local name: Polana Jakuszycka

Jakuszyce Glade is a place where the "Jakuszyce" Cross-country Skiing Centre is located. The facility offers proffesional and tourist routes. Cyclical skiing events take place there: international Piasts' Race, runs for the Karkonosze Cup entered in the International Ski Federation calendar, Polish Cup races. In the former mountain hostel a restaurant is situated.

Polana Jakuszycka is located in the Sudetes, in the Jizera Mountains, near the district of Szklarska Poręba, Jakuszyce. There is a specific microclimate which favors long snowing in this place. The snow cover stays there for an average of 156 days a year.

The maximum height of the Jakuszyce Glade reaches 1003 m, while its minimum height is 752 m. The ski centre is located at an altitude of 884 m. In the former shepherd's hut there was a Katzensteinbaude mountain shelter. After its expansion, a restaurant was established in it. The glade is located at the very Polish-Czech border. Until 2007 there used to be a border crossing point Jakuszyce Glade-Harrachov.


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