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Mumlava waterfall

Local name: Mumlavský vodopád

The Mumlava waterfall is located within the Czech Krkonoše National Park, in the central part of the Mumlava stream. Its threshold is 10 meters high. A geomorphological curiosity are visible here Evolutionary boilers, called "devil's eyes". You can get to the waterfall from Harrachov by choosing the blue trail.

"Devil's eyes" are characteristic hollows formed in the bottom of the watercourse, in the case of waterfalls, boilers are formed at their foot. The largest "devil's eye" of the Mumlava Waterfall is 3 meters deep, its diameter is 6 meters.

The name of the stream and waterfall comes from the German words murmeln and the Czech mumlat (murmur, mumble) and refers to the sound made by the current falling from the threshold of water.
In the winter, the waterfall freezes at very low temperatures for a long time, this phenomenon is called "icefall" in climbing terminology.


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