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Source of the Elbe

Local name: Pramen Labe

The source of the Elbe is located on Łabska Łąka, located near the border with Poland, at the intersection of several tourist routes. There is a symbolic concrete circle here (although the source itself is located a bit further, in a strictly protected area) and a wall with the coats of arms of 26 Czech and German cities through which the Elbe flows during its almost 1,200 km journey to the North Sea.

Right next to the Elbe Spring, there used to be an important trade route called Czech Road, which connected the Czech Republic and Silesia. In 1684, the source was symbolically blessed by Jan of Talemberk, the bishop of Hradec Králové. It was an act of final confirmation of belonging of Łabska Łąka to the Czech Republic. Nowadays, near this place there is a magnificent building of the hostel called Łabska Buda.


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