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The Vatican is a church-city within the administrative boundaries of Rome. Includes the Basilica of Saint. Peter and her immediate surroundings, which are the heart of world Catholicism.

The most important building of the Vatican is the Basilica of St. Peter's, a monumental Baroque temple in front of which is St. Peter's Square surrounded by a colonnade. It is a place where the most important Catholic celebrations and masses celebrated under the leadership of the Pope are held.

Around the Basilica there is a palace complex and several dozen buildings in which the highest offices of the Roman Catholic church are located. There are also Vatican Museums with dazzling collections of religious art and items related to the history of the papacy. In the complex you can also admire the famous Sistine Chapel, whose vault was decorated with paintings by Michelangelo.

The buildings are surrounded by the Vatican Gardens, and the entire assumption on three sides is secured by the old defensive walls. On the fourth page there is a direct passage to Rome, while the border itself is completely imperceptible to the ordinary person.

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