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Pozzuoli is a port city that experienced its golden age in Roman times. One of the largest ancient amphitheatres in Europe is located here. The area is known for volcanic phenomena, especially clouds of steam and other fumes from beneath the ground.

The city is located in the so-called Flegreian Fields, a caldera of a dormant supervolcano. There is a huge sea of lava beneath the surface of the earth, which produces fumes and local outflows known as Solfatara. The best place to observe them is outside the city. The area is signposted and has safe paths through it.

In ancient times, Pozzuoli was called Puteoli and was one of the most important ports in the southern part of Italy. The remains of the city of that time can be seen at the Cuma archaeological site. One of the greatest attractions of Pozzuoli is the Amphitheater of the Flavian Nero, one of the largest facilities of this type in Europe. Not only are the stands and the stage open to the public, but also the base with the basement.

Today's Pozzuoli is a seaside town with a bustling Port where tourist, fishing and yachts are moored. There are also ferries to the islands of the Gulf of Naples. A nice place to walk is the Pertini Promenade which allows you to watch nice sea views.

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