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Livorno is one of the largest Italian ports and the second largest city in Tuscany. Its streets are full of monumental tenement houses built mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries, and in part of the old town there are canals that used to complement the local port.

The advantage of Livorno is its carefree and very relaxed atmosphere. Near the narrow and in many places paved beach there are plenty of bars, cafes and clubs that come alive in the evenings. In summer, the local beaches, despite not being very beautiful, are full of young tourists who come primarily to have fun.

From the medieval times, the city grew rich mainly from maritime trade. It was thanks to him that the local residents could build magnificent tenement houses and city palaces with large windows for those times, which testify to the prosperity and exclusivity of this place. Today, restored, they remind us of the proud and rich past of the city.

There were canals connected to the port of Livorno, which reached as far as the New Fortress . The fortress provided protection for one of the most important ports on the coast. There is also the Old Fortress nearby . Today, the most famous attraction of the coast in Livorno is Terrazza Mascagni , a large square laid out in 1925 and the city's showpiece.

A place frequently visited by tourists and pilgrims is the Sanctuary of Montenero located on a hill above Livorno , which is one of the most important places of worship of the Mother of God in this part of Italy.

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