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Jesolo is one of Italy's largest and most famous holiday resorts. It is famous for its sandy, several kilometers long beach, many opportunities for spending time and rich nightlife.

One of the main assets of Lido di Jesolo, the coastal part of Jesolo, is the beach here. It is fifteen kilometers long, wide and sandy. It is divided into smaller sections with different names, such as the Lighthouse Beach located right next to the port canal. Most of the beaches in Jesolo are perfectly developed, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, and therefore payable. However, there are fragments where you can relax with your own equipment.

A recreational area with hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments stretches along the beach. Its heart is a thirteen-kilometer promenade, one of the longest of its kind in Italy. The nightlife is concentrated here, and over 500 restaurants, bars and cafes are filled with a multinational crowd until late at night.

In addition to the beach and nightlife, Jesolo also offers numerous attractions and leisure activities. There is a large Caribe Bay water park and the Tropicarium Park, where you can watch seals, dolphins and other marine animals. There is also a large garden in the Tropicarium, which is perfect for relaxing in the bosom of nature. Due to its proximity to Venice, excursions to the city are a popular pastime for vacationers. It can be reached by vaporetto from Punta Sabioni.

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